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All-Time All-Stars

IrvLoblolly Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 4:30 PM
And it screwed Ted Williams because the Marines recalled him to active duty in Korea and thereby lost several seasons during his most productive years. God Bless him for going and not whining! From one Marine to another: SEMPER FI!
Nothing is likely to get an argument started among sports fans faster than attempts to name the all-time greatest in any sport, or even the all-time greatest in a particular aspect of a sport. However, in baseball, we can at least narrow down the list of possibilities -- considerably, in fact -- when it comes to hitting.

Who was the all-time greatest hitter?

A lot depends on how much weight you give to batting average versus power hitting. But it would be hard to consider someone for the title of the all-time greatest hitter if someone else had both a higher lifetime batting...