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The Safety Net That Isn't

Irresponsible47Percenter Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 10:32 AM
There are other possible components to a solution. Many people cannot afford to retire at 65 or 67. What about a deal where, for every two months you keep working full time past your retirement age, the Govt will give one month of your combined SS/Medicare benefit to your heirs, tax-free, at your death. You pay in longer, the Govt pays out less. This seems more equitable to me than a means test against the wealthy, who after all paid in just like everyone else. Hell, you can leave it to the Hetritage Society or Hillsdale College or some such place to fund their continued bashing of SS/medicare!

January 6, 2013

Congress has just raised payroll taxes. It has done it before, and will do it again.

Our august solons excuse themselves, however, by pleading that the 2 percentage point hike is merely the sunset of a tax holiday. And necessary to shore up a faltering system.

It’s not a triumph of responsibility, though.

What is responsibility? Every year the Social Security Administration sends out a helpful note to its “clients” about how much we’ve contributed in payroll taxes. The kindly bureaucrats also warn us not to...