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Well, Libertarians hate stuff like this, but as I posted below (in my other identity): "... our govt and society view marriage as a good thing that promotes stable families and a healthy, productive and prosperous society, and we believe that Govt therefore has a compelling interest in facilitating and encouraging marriage." And a separate consideration: W/o govt involvement, how would atheists marry?
Kenneth L.: " If a population votes to have same-sex marriage either through their elected representatives or, better, by referendum, it's legitimate." And if a population voted to reinstate the slavery of African-Americans, would that likewise be legitimate? It would be, after all, the will of the majority. I say that you are forgetting that the will of the people is tempered by the rule of law, which in our Nation recognizes the Rights and Liberties inherent in even a minority of one of us.
And finally, the argument for the existence of tax, inheritance, and various other benefits/advantages accruing towards married couples is still there. Perhaps you reject it, but it should apply equally towards same-sex couples. I think it will encourage stability, home ownership, etc, all things that benefit society as a whole.
And I think that multiple-person marriage is highly unlikely, given the enormous (insoluble, I think) difficulties with divorce, property, custody, etc. But even if there were such things, it would mean that there are *fewer* separate marriages! The supply of people does not change. I do not think this would fall like a ton of bricks on our social benefits, either.
I do not think that your concerns expressed above (or below, in response to an earlier post of mine) bear up well under scrutiny. I cannot tell you how many times people on his website have pointed out that Homosexuals are a *small* part of the population, abt 3%-5%, They usually do so as a reason to not bother considering same-sex marriage, but it also means that there will be comparatively few same-sex marriages. Many LGBT people (likely a greater fraction than among heterosexuals) will not choose to marry. It's just not realistic to predict our social institutions collapsing under some tsunami of samesex marriage benefit claims, the numbers are not there.
"God sent 2 angels to destroy Sodom and Gemorrah due to the perversion of homosexuality. I thought that the intent of the crowd to Rape the two Angels (or alternatively, Lot's daughters (maybe it's only bisexuality that's a no-no?)) had something to do with it. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their wickedness, not due to the presence of Gay people,
As it happens you and I believe in the same God, but if you will not even consider the extent to which the existence of civil same-sex marriage does or does not 'separate' (or affect in other way) and man woman joined by God, then you've no business complaining about any 'blindness' of mine.
"WHERE? where has anyone put words in God's mouth?" wmou (2:51 pm): "Jesus would not be surprised or care about the ruling from a secular govt." Now you go find some.
You haven't told me what makes you think I do not believe in God.
The Bible says all manner of things and we set varying amounts of store by them. Deuteronomy 25:11-12 is a doosey, for example. And then there's Leviticus 15:19-30. I'll bet there's far more of *that* going on in America today than Gay Sex, yet this flouting of God's Law seems to have completely fallen off the RightWingNut Agenda. I think you guys have an unhealthy fixation on Gay Sex.
I do not see how the existence of same-sex marriage separates any man and woman that God has joined.
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