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Sharpton should not be giving anyone advice. Look how he turned out.
Wow, it took 6 years to figure that one out.
It doesn't matter that the hard drive was thrown away, the information is on their servers. Why don't these morons understand this?
The school and the board of education have lied, enough said.
Give them 48 hours to turn over the emails, if no emails then give them the handcuffs.
Can't believe Obama this time either, once a liar - always a liar. Instead of sending our troops over to Iraq, why don't we send everyone who voted for him?
Companies I've worked for had everything backed up, may it be on site or elsewhere. Those emails still exist you just have to dig for them a little harder.
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Must-see TV: The Obama Workout Video

ironhead1959 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 5:07 PM
Who cares
Way to go Jerk in the Box, how many employees and customers have to get hurt or die until you guys get it?
Yes they did come through the backdoor, guess there wasn't a no guns allowed sticker on the backdoor.
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