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Peaceman needs to stop lying for once in his life. The only people who support Obama's coup of the health care system are either politically connected or wealthy enough to avoid its consequences. As for Eric Snowden, if he had been truly interested in telling the truth, then he would have accepted the consequences of his actions. He wants to be considered a hero without doing anything heroic.
No, the accurate term for Ron Paul is that he is an Anti-Semite. It's because of people like him and you that we have your president in the White House. His "foreign policy" institute is nothing more than a neo-Nazi "think tank," which is typical of the Paul thought pattern.
Apparently, the site was so slow, we had to print it twice.
Looks like BrianR is playing the Sesame Street game, because the final term is not as descriptive of Ron Paul as the other four.
Looks like BrianR is playing the Sesame Street game, because the final term is not as descriptive of Ron Paul as the other four.
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Iraq A Convenient Scapegoat

IrishMensa Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 11:24 PM
You need to stop LYING for once in your life, you STATIST TROLL. You KNOW that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons because he used them ON HIS OWN PEOPLE. You KNOW that the GOP NEVER had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate AT ANY TIME during the previous administration, and had no control over the Congress over the LAST TWO YEARS. YOU KNOW that the current regime has run up a larger debt IN FOUR YEARS than the previous president did in EIGHT. You are nothing more than a neo-Nazi thug would rather see his parents and children sold into slavery to finance your lifestyle. GET A JOB, YOU LAZY PUNK.
You need to be very cautious about your drive to involuntarily incarcerate the "mentally ill." The term is so nebulous that it can easily be used (and has) by totalitarian regimes to deal with their political opposition. Sadly, the only strategy used by this administration and its shills to deal with mental illness is to exploit it...in every way possible.
You need to stop lying for once in your life. You and your boss consider it okay for your side to have all the access and the power, while the middle-class and real Americans have none. You thugs have exactly what you wanted when you fought the "rule or ruin" strategy over the past decade. Don't expect congratulations for it, punk. There is not one person with any sense of decency who would ever applaud your success. They will only welcome your failure.
You need to stop lying for once in your life, you left-wing troll. You know that your thug-in-chief has closed off the White House for public tours in order to allow his bagmen to pay the $500,000 for access. You are nothing but a shill who is not worthy of any respect.
There is nobody with a functioning brain stem who would believe that an anti-Semite like Ron Paul has any connection with the Tea Party. As for the liberterians, Paul has only a tangental connection to that philosphy, particularly since he spent most of his time in Congress wallowing at the pork barrel.
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