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Speaking of crocodile tears. Recall The One speaking about the Newtown slaughter. Then remember his wiping a way of, a tear, tears, not sure of the count. And bring to mind all the sycophant boot lickers proclaiming the the shooting brought the prez to tears. I'm sure he'd have really been crying if they were black kids killed, but I digress. Note in the oft-seen video that he wiped away his tear from the left corner of his left eye. problem. Well before a tear would have formed in that location, he'd'of had 'em streaming down along side his nostrils, and from both eyes. Comeon, folks! Even if we had never cried, surely we've watched enough TV to observe how tears run. What a faker. He must have consulted with Bill (the blue dress) Clinton.
excellent observation!
i can only assume the threatening shooters won't be using slingshots. peashooters or bows & arrows. there's a certain irony goin' on here.
And it's being overrun by Muslims who refuse to become part of the larger community, similar to some sections of Michigan.
Without even bringing in Benghazi, consider the lack of vetting Obama. After four years, we don't know any more about him than we did in '07. He is the true Manchurian candidate. And remember, his first act as prez was sealing his records. Where is the judge he and Axelrod used when running for US Senate to unseal Ryan's divorce records to smear him and force him out of contention. The really sad thing is that anything in a divorce record would cause conservatives/Republicans to pull their support. I think the Right really shoots themselves in the foot consistently. Assuming this last election was not rife with voter fraud (which I and many believe), Romney should have slam-dunked Obama. But...
There was more than zero down payments which led to the mortgage mess. It started under Clinton with the press to get more minorities into housing. Among other things, the applicants didn't even have to show proof of employment. Just another leftist "feel good" scheme which backfired. Unfortunately, the explosion occurred on a Republican's watch. But then, how much was lost when the Clinton tech bubble burst? In terms of employment and lost savings, way more damage.
She accomplished her goal. It's what the left does, lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, stretch the truth. But they sleep like babies at night. The Bible tells us that the devil is the father of lies. Harsh to say, but I believe most leftist are of the devil. To lie is in their DNA.
Who the H#ll is moochele anyway. When did she get the power to control school lunches? Who's paying for her mandate? I believe this all stems from her slave heritage. She is getting back at America through starving the children. Make 'em skinny, make 'em weak, control 'em. Who are THESE Obamas? One more reason to send them to H#ll on Nov 6.
And who's paying for this "book tour?" Could they justify hitting the taxpayers for the trips? If it becomes political, will they be required to refund the American people? These people don't need to get thrown out of the White House. They need to be carted off in handcuffs for theft.
Truth is always sacrificed at the hands of the left. So, I really want to hear her speak Cherokee. I'm sure it was spoken in the home.
Actually, for the most part, Obama doesn't write his either. And what he is reading is just last year's pack of lies with a new date, and in front of a new bunch of algae.
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