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Being offended is a fundraising industry for the left, with the help of LGBT (aka gay Al Qaeda), and the Justice Brothers (Gerrycurl Sharpton and adulterer Jackson)
The EEOC, now part of the anti-religious brownshirts, is only compelled to save the skin of "you know who". White, straight Christians are defenseless and have limited rights in declining ameriKa.
Perhaps Bob should have been wearing a dress when he expressed his opinion. That would have provided him cover. Can fire a guy in a dress. That'd be a hate crime.
I have read many of the Common Core components and it is pure leftist indoctrination. It has confounded math and the writing and "government" courses, starting in 4th grade, is rife with leftist ideology. Courses on persuasion, and philanthropy, environmental BS and social justice are rampant. I've also attended two introductory meetings at a school and even the presenters run and hide when I ask questions. The kids are not learning, they are being indoctrinated. It's as left-wing as most college campuses. Bad for liberty and free thought.
Except Islam of course. From our seemingly muslim sympathizer prez. Let's see, his father was a muslim, and accordingly, that status is passed down to the children. So, either Bo is a muslim or an infidel. I choose the former. And every move he makes supports that conclusion. It's a shame he isn't being exposed.
Unfortunately, she will begin her condemnation of "...the world's most bloodthirsty regimes" with the US. Wait, she already has.
And they will continue to break the law if they get what they want.
When did "illegals" get the "right" to "demand" citizenship? Where the H do they think they are? Oops, I forgot. This is the DSSA (Disunited Socialist States of America) thanks to the communist left and Obamao. The bleeding heart saps in congress will cave to further destroy this once great country.
Not sure about women, but in the case of minority men, it's like with the Unvetted One, so they can play the race card. We see it all day and night on MSNBC, and hear it on the likes of Fat Ed Shultz' radio show. It's a form of cow tipping. Only the cows are the ones challenging the minority and it's designed to keep us off balance.
Speaking of crocodile tears. Recall The One speaking about the Newtown slaughter. Then remember his wiping a way of, a tear, tears, not sure of the count. And bring to mind all the sycophant boot lickers proclaiming the the shooting brought the prez to tears. I'm sure he'd have really been crying if they were black kids killed, but I digress. Note in the oft-seen video that he wiped away his tear from the left corner of his left eye. problem. Well before a tear would have formed in that location, he'd'of had 'em streaming down along side his nostrils, and from both eyes. Comeon, folks! Even if we had never cried, surely we've watched enough TV to observe how tears run. What a faker. He must have consulted with Bill (the blue dress) Clinton.
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