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Go hezbollah! Go Hamas! Liberate the Gaza concentration camp! Oh how ironic!
I want nothing more than to see the IDF blown up!
Heather Ginsburg, I want you as my lampshade, honey.
Henry Callohan, Get the hell out of my country you filthy J-O-O parasite!
Henry Callohan, Go die in a gas chamber, you stinkin' J-o-o! (Uh, allegedly) I know who you are, you discarded foreskin!
Henry Callohan, Moshe's camel is in heat. Bend over beatch!
Cal29, What's the matter putz? Got banned again? Hahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life isn't too easy these days for Hasbarats and Christian zionists, is it?
Yeah we did. During the Revolutionary War.
Where did that Moshe guy go? It turns out he was right after all. Moshe was the bomb!
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