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Yeah! His only mistake was discussing scientific fact in a world of uninformed PC morons. In the future Todd, keep it simple, keep it safe. Speak as though you're talking to are.
Akin is not attacking his own side. He's attacking the establishment RINO Republicans, the folks we've tried to get rid of for years! The Blunt's and Bond's have to go! Akin is a true conservative, who won a landmark victory against the Mo Repub establishment. Akin, on his worst day, would better represent liberty than these despicable career liars. I don't care what the PC Police think.
In the opinion of this Missouri voter, he DID do the decent thing...he's respecting my right to choose, and I chose him. Why would I want the "party" to steal my vote and install a Neocon RINO like Kit Bond?!? The patriots here in Mo have been trying to rid our state of these non-conservatives for years. You're drinking the RINO cool-aid folks! Don't listen to the Democrats OR the RINOs. I'm not letting a misplaced word, parsed by the PC Police, deprive us of a representative of true liberty.
The point above is: there are two factions calling themselves Republicans in Missouri. The RINOs and the Constitutionalists. The latter achieved a huge victory with the election of Todd Akin. The "greater good" the RINOs spoke of has to do with their own selfish agenda, not the good of Missouri or of the USA.
Please note is was the NEOCON RINO Republicans that joined the chorus for Akin to step down. See, they were mad because one of their stooges (Steelman or Brunner) didn't win. Akin's win was an unbelievable upset! So, the RINOs saw their chance to go around the voters and install one of their own. I support Akin, the true conservative, Tea Party, constitutional candidate. We've been trying to rid our state of the Blunt's and his ilk for a long time. Looks real good when the establishment Repubs join in with the Dems, doesn't it?
I think the gubmint should buy lots and lots of bullets...quick! Oh, wait, they already have.
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