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Yeah, but he refused to 'get' Bin Laden twice...then he had 'the guts' on the third opportunity. It required Hillary to insist they plan the attack. I can't help but wonder if turning down the first opportunities might have had something to do with the political consequences. You've got it backward, Squid. The government belongs to US.
Yeah, the old men who still subscribe to the constitution, to personal liberty and limited government. May the old guys rule!
"The proven-criminal-assault-attack" could also be termed "legitimate rape", right?
Steelman is not eligible under Missouri law. Akin is fine.
Sorry, but the "candidate that came in second" is ineligible under Missouri law. What you're suggesting is for the establishment republicans (RINOs) to choose one of their own in his place. Guaranteed, the RINO choice would not be a good one. Missouri patriots have worked hard to elect a true conservative constitutionalist. Akin will deliver when it counts...on the floor of the senate.
That is just not true. The dems ran ads saying Akin was too conservative. These were far from pro-Akin ads. They just screwed up and hit a positive note among conservatives. You're parroting a democratic talking point. You are wrong.
Nope, it's about ME! I'm a Missouri voter, and I voted for Akin. I refuse to put this decision into the hands of the establishment RINOs to install another one of their own. You're drinking the democrat/RINO cool-aid. You don't understand the dynamics here. See, the RINOs are fighting the Tea Party here. Akin's win was an upset to the establishment. I'll take a fallible patriot any day over a career RINO, big-government shill.
Ok. There is forceable rape. Then there is the 18 year old boy and a 17 year old girl...statutory rape. Are both legitimate to be called rape? One is a violent crime against women. The other just a young, stupid mistake. Are both equally vile? Maybe Mr. Akin, however clumsily, was trying to differentiate between the "legitimate" crime of rape, and the dumb childish mistake. Are we parsing these words just because the democrats told us to?
Because of Missouri law, Steelman or Bruner are not eligible. It would be a travesty if the Repub establishment could bypass the voters and install another RINO, like Bond or Blunt. Hell, the patriots of this state have been trying to elect a real conservative for years! Now we've done it, don't mess with it. Liberty and truth will win over deceit and lies every time.
Yeah! His only mistake was discussing scientific fact in a world of uninformed PC morons. In the future Todd, keep it simple, keep it safe. Speak as though you're talking to children...you are.
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