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Akin: Paul Ryan Called and Urged Me to Drop Out But This Isn't About Me

IraMadsen Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 6:31 PM
Ok. There is forceable rape. Then there is the 18 year old boy and a 17 year old girl...statutory rape. Are both legitimate to be called rape? One is a violent crime against women. The other just a young, stupid mistake. Are both equally vile? Maybe Mr. Akin, however clumsily, was trying to differentiate between the "legitimate" crime of rape, and the dumb childish mistake. Are we parsing these words just because the democrats told us to?
benir Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 7:57 PM
Age should not be a factor down to the mid-teens,

In order for a women to be allowed to get assistance to legally terminate the process:

The man unexpectedly attacks-assaults-threatens-criminally-forces himself on a women and-or coerces-forces her to comply.

Who also tries to stop him if possible, without causing more danger for hersel. It must be reported to the police, drs, ASAP for a thorough investigation.

Any kind of close-friendship, long or short term pre-planning, that the man-woman engage in, discuss, that was not coerced-forced upon the woman, termination will not be granted !

The laws-rules-guidelines should be strict, so that only women who have given 0 consent to the man, are covered under the termination allowance rules !

Except it is about you, Rep. Akin. Akin told NBC this morning that Paul Ryan called him yesterday and urged him to drop out of the Missouri Senate race. Akin is continuing his argument that his decision to stay in the race (the deadline to drop out was yesterday at 5 pm cst) that this isn't about him but about standing on principle. The problem is, the focus isn't on principle, it's on Akin's refusal to drop out like nearly the entire conservative movement and Republicans have asked.