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Hawking's Moral Calculus

Ipsondon Wrote: May 10, 2013 10:54 AM
Steven Hawkings has no moral compass. People who deny a higher power or a higher intelligence think that they are true north and all compasses point to them. Morality it what they deem it to be and the ignorant masses cannot understand the superiority of the elite hence the problems of the world today.
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Bouncing Ball Politics

Ipsondon Wrote: May 07, 2013 12:38 PM
You may not have a formal education and that is probably why you are able to see the forest in spite of the trees. You obviously spent four years working and learning skills and life lessons rather than spending four years earning a degree in "African American and Hispanic Feminist, Gay, Transgender Studies".
Oh wow! It is illegal to retaliate against whistleblowers and the act was reinforced last year. What are they going to do, refer it to the Justice Department? Guess who runs the Justice Department? America declines while BO fiddles and Holder dances.
Interesting how terrorist bombings are pinned on Al Queda and Right Wing Extremist. These are the only bombers we have executed, meanwhile left wing bombers (Bill Ayers and Kathy Boudin) get hired by liberal left wing colleges.
Hallalujah, Dems have finally presented a budget!!!!!!!!!!! Democrats have finally presented a budget that reflects their balanced approach to BANKRUPTCY for you, me and the government.
Let's see, The postal service spends 60 cents to get your letter from the atlantic to the pacific and only charges you only 46 cents. That is a good deal. I guess they make up the difference with volume.
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