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A gentleman on Mark Levin's show had a great idea. Eric Holder and Barak Obama should wear these personal cameras. Michael Brown should have worn one. All ex-cons should wear one. Pedophiles should wear one. Why should we single out police? What's with the accountable and transparent thing Mr. President? You certainly have worn that cliché down to a nub.
Should taxes be removed as a factor of business decisions by ending all government business taxes?
What is another word for "apartheid"? Number one rule in the Obama administration is when you don't know what you are talking about use big words.
It looks like Mr. Colby is a typical rider of the Washington DC, According to his bio it looks like he is a job hopper. You know the type who stay one step ahead of their last disaster.
Only an ACORN lawyer would consider 7 million sign ups a success after kicking 6 million off plans he promised they could keep. So let's do the math. We now have 29 to 39 million uninsured. Now most people would consider that a big fail, but not ACORN lawyers. At a minimum each one of those uninsured will have to pay $95 that is a nice $2.755 billion to $3.7 billion to give to his insurance company friends or. His renewable energy friends , or his other rich cronies. For an ACORN lawyer that is what Joe Biden would call a "Big F******g Deal".
Let's see Obama writes to an art history college professor that he liked art history in high school. Some apology, Reading between the lines Obama is really saying, "Look lady here is a hand written apology from me the President. You can show it to your friends and frame it. but art history as a high school subject is ok but as a job gettin' degree you got to me kidding. LMAO" PS Don't forget to vote for me in 2016 (Don't worry Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, David Axelrod and Michelle have it all worked out) Ciao Baby - BHO
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The Angels Cried for Caroline

Ipsondon Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 3:56 AM
@hdeerslayer, your right you don't get it. You miss the beauty of a young woman who has the courage to defy modern societal norms by saying no to artificial birth control and no to abortion. Children are a gift from God. This was a selfless act of courage. Remember, hdeerslayer, that chid will be paying for your Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare. Finally, I believe God gave her better advice than the doctor and she chose God's path.
Obama doesn't think he is stupid enough but he sure thinks America is stupid enough and given the results of the last two presidential elections he may be right.
I say to Fox, Keep Juan Williams!! This allows us to see what the opposition thinks without having to switch to MSNBC,
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