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I do not believe Mr. Mitt Romney is a: muslim, communist, marxist, socialist or "muslim brotherhood" supporter. Therefore, without question, I will support MR.MITT ROMNEY for PRESIDENT of whats left of our great country!!!!!! Keep up the good work barack HUSSEIN obama!!
TO: "dsgewrgwe" HOWS THE WEATHER IN NIGERIA OR SOMALIA, or wherever you're from????????????
I believe all of us should first check to see if this fine outfit isn't from Nigeria, Somalia or some other fine country waiting to "fill" your order!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!
The so called "President" of the U,S. has posted an "enemies list" of those AMERICAN CITIZENS who are excersizing their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to support and donate to a candidate of their choice! BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, how DARE you try to intimidate, and scare us out of supporting MR. MITT ROMNEY!!!! Not even a LOWLIFE, DIRTBAG would do that, BUT YOU DID!! Every AMERICAN PATRIOT must rise up in total OUTRAGE over this "LOWLIFES" ACT !!
YES!! We must help BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA LEGALIZE all of the ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL BORDER JUMPING MEXICANS, SO THEY CAN VOTE FOR HUSSEIN IN NOVEMEMBER!! While we are at it, lets make sure that the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is also allowed TO VOTE!!, After all, HUSSEIN already has met with those RATS, so let them vote also, HUSSEIN THANKS YOU!!!!!!
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