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.....not to say the Dems didnt try to steal NC again. There was a news report that NC registered over 583 dem votes over the age of 112.......Two of those votes were absentee ballots from overseas. They must be some very healthy 112 yr olds to be on vacation at this point in their lives. Either we have voter fraud on a big scale or NC is the healthiest state in the union......
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The Particulars of Polls

Intruder196 Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 5:13 PM
I find these polls showing Owe-bama leading hard to believe. We had two states, Virginia and New Jersey, both states went for Owe-bama in 2008, elect Republican Governors. We had a special election that put a Republican in the senate in the seat previously occupied by Kennedy. We had the November 2010 mid-term where the dems were slaughtered at the polls. We had the recall election of Scott Walker. What BIG CHANGE has occurred that benefits owe-bama? Things have gotten steadily worse and double dip recession is on the horizon. I dont buy these polls.
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Obama's Unfulfilled Promise Change

Intruder196 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 10:29 AM
Or from the golf course.
I havent decided if I should call him Ross Paul or Ron Perot. But at this point he has zero chance of winning. So my vote is for the only guy who stands a chance of getting rid of Owe-bama
"It raises the question "why are some on the left of the political spectrum so indoctrinated by their masters that they lose all sense of decency and/or intelligent reasoning?" To be a liberal one has to toss out decency and intelligent reasoning. Anybody who uses either will find themselves rejecting liberalism in all forms.
He did speak about his five point plan. Did you miss that part?
Did you actually watch the RNC in Tampa? The failures of obama were repeated over and over. The obama campaign is a mixed bag of both "wrong ideas" and "no ideas".
Same goes for the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. Except I see virtually zero obama 08 stickers and very few obama 2012. The enthusiasm for him is gone.
Ann Says: "One not very well-informed person (or a heavily biased person) announces that Romney's welfare ad is false, and the rest of the herd quote him, without anyone ever bothering to examine the facts, much less citing anyone who knows what he's talking about." My favorite quote from the article because it can be applied to more than just the topic in question. This is how liberals operate. Herd mentality.
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