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Why Are the Rich Still Enamored of Obama?

IntrepidSI Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 8:13 AM
I have found the only "Middle Class" that support Obama are those pigs at the trough of government, Union members who are gainfully employed (Minus police, who are furious over their personal info going to Union Boss supported OWS), non-profits groups and companies that rely on government contracts. Essentially those who have a monetary interest in a government that spends without regard for budgets.

A question for the rich: if President Obama successfully breaks the backs of the working middle class, is that really good for you?

And how about this: if over half of your fellow Americans pay no income taxes and are quite happy to have you foot the bill for our wasteful bloated government, will that be good for your portfolios– or anybody else’s?

We’re less than seven months away from selecting either four more years of Barack Obama, or a new President named Mitt. At this point President Obama isn’t running on his track record, so much as...