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Funny how the Democrats, when they don't get what they want, are the first to bully others. The first clip is a perfect example. Don't get the answer you want, you cut off the guest. MSNBC's Trayvon Martin coverage, guests were shouted down when they didn't follow the guilty before proven otherwise narrative. Union thugs threaten violence when they don't get their way. Occupy threatens to "Burn down Macys". Boeing bullied into not going into South Carolina, and oh yes, Mr. Obama's enemies finding themselves getting vists from government alphabet news agencies. Every time this happens, it should be pointed out how they act like spoiled children having a temper tantrum when they are wrong.
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Breaking: Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

IntrepidSI Wrote: May 09, 2012 10:10 PM
This move tells me something important - the White House has come to the conclusion that November is a lost cause. So do we go out, head held high? Nope. We need an excuse on our failure. What will our excuse be? America is a hateful place, that didn't re-elect Obama because of his "couragous stand on gay marriage". It excuses his Presidency and blames America for it's failure. Plain and simple.
Exactly. This notion that "If it comes from government it's free" has to be stopped, or it will be our downfall.
There is one aspect of this election that Republicans don't get - the unemployment "number" is meaningless. We could be told it's 2%, but there is a large group in the middle that sees the truth. I am in a lower than national unemployement state and even here I know no one who hasn't been laid off, or some who doesn't know someone who got laid off. Most of us know someone who lost a house, or their savings. Most of us see the price increases at the Grocery store, and the gas pump, so numbers put out by Washington may jin up those who follow politics, but are meaningless to many who know the true score.
I have found the only "Middle Class" that support Obama are those pigs at the trough of government, Union members who are gainfully employed (Minus police, who are furious over their personal info going to Union Boss supported OWS), non-profits groups and companies that rely on government contracts. Essentially those who have a monetary interest in a government that spends without regard for budgets.
I have found that the only "rich" that support Obama are the products of a Grandfather, who during the 20th century, put himself in an early grave, a father who did the same, and now the family fortune has been passed onto another generation that neither worked hard nor suffered for any part of the fortune they sit upon.
I would like to make a suggestion to the Romney people. When Mr. Romney becomes President Elect, I would like to see him tell MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Thinkprogress and Media Matters that no statements will be issued directly to their reporters. MSNBC and Huffington, if they still have press seats in the White House Briefing room, should be shown the door. Gone are the days of allowing "opinion" media in the White House.
And the PSU Pension fund is $3.2 trillion in debt. Do we need to ask why if this is the mindset?
As someone who lives in Massachusetts, I find the following underreported: First, Liz Warren (a.k.a. The Nutty Professor") is worth $14.5 million. She has a house worth $5 million. No one reports this fact. She acts like some "just like you" avererage joe. A $350k+ a year job that she shows up to once a week job isn't exactly the working class. Second, this woman is off her rocker.
Anyone else notice when asked Monday about the Secret Service Scandal, the White House said something along the lines of "If this turns out to be true, the President will be very angry". Is this a new police, waiting for the facts to come out to see if this is true?
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