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Thanks DOJ: Women Forced to Allow Men into Restrooms at University

IntheknowOG Wrote: May 24, 2012 5:34 PM
Your posts are so violent. I am sad for you. You say such ugly things to people. You must be very beautiful to justify calling such an attractive woman a dog.

The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division is forcing female students at the University of Arkansas to allow men into their restrooms. Why? A transgendered 38-year-old man named "Jennifer" filed a complaint claiming a university policy that requires men to use male designated restrooms and for women to use female designated restrooms is discrimminatory. Of course, the Justice Department took his/her (?) side, rather than protecting the safety of female students. Campus Reform has the scoop:

The university made the reversal on "advice of counsel" after receiving a letter the DOJ sent in response to a complaint that...