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Brother, it's just not true. I wish it were.
You are blaming a filibuster for votes that did not pass the Senate? This argument is invalid. A filibuster prevents a vote from occuring. The votes occurred. You knew the of course because you are much more intelligent than me. You entire comment must have been a typo.
I feel like I need to wipe after reading this post. A whole bunch of BS.
I agree, however, you forgot to add: NO CHANCE!
Hunh? Are you reading the Newspeak daily? Up is down? Tell me, how many budgets has the Senate passed in the last 1000+ days?
WOW, no longer Bush's fault? All the way back to the gipper. Maybe that's what Bufa's desperation comment was directed at? Seems desperate.
Please explain this term, desperation, as it pertains to your ad hominem.
Comrad, I read that too. PRAVDA is good. I believe everything it says. Who are we at war with this week? Was it Eurasia or Eastasia? Forward Oceania, BB, BB, BB, BB!
Attention malfunctioning bot. Data file correction. SS is payed into by workers (unless disbursement to immigrants for Democrat votes). VA is payed for by blood ( something Dems know nothing about). Please adjust illogical responses to account for this data.
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