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Bet me FL drags it's feet on "ceasing and desisiting".
Yes, agreed. My snarkiness was not apparent though.
Please define "voter" and "suppression efforts". I, for one, do not believe these words mean what you think they mean, bot.
Aura must be a bot with a corrupted data file. I believe it meant "Democrat" everytime it posted GOP. That would explain the blatent misinformation it was conveying.
If I you eat a large pizza on Thursday, then on Friday eat an extra large pizza (which is 10 percent bigger than the large you ate on Thursday), then, according to Nutter, you ONLY ate 10 percent of what you ate Thursday. You don't get to ignore the rest of the pizza.
Racist? How do you know buckeye8 isn't black? Your abusive ad hominems seem to follow straw men.
This nation fell off of that cliff years ago. We just happen to be around for the impact. My logic is this; If enough people existed who would vote for Paul, we wouldn't need his leadership. It would already be there. Look at who "We the people" have voted for over the last 50 years.
Your posts are so violent. I am sad for you. You say such ugly things to people. You must be very beautiful to justify calling such an attractive woman a dog.
Are you suggesting this blind squirrel has found a nut? Or the broken clock has reached one of the two times it is correct each day?
Brother, it's just not true. I wish it were.
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