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Alot of people like to think it was the indians that were a big threat to the white man back then. The only time indians were a threat was when people would pass through certain areas. It was what we would in modern day call white liberals killing other whites for what they think is theirs. More deaths occurred in and around the various cities with the welfare mentality people who think that what other people have earned and worked for should be theirs. Bank robberies, train robberies and other robberies, stealing other peoples horses and cattle, going to peoples mining claims and taking rather than earning for themselves, in todays society we refer to them as liberals and Democrats. More people died in Saloons because some idiots cannot handle their liquor back then and they still today cannot. More people died in Saloons and outside of saloons than were killed by indians.
They should charge those who they know and those they suspect are involved. Impose prison time for being accomplices and aiding and abetting criminal activity and offer reduced sentences for those who speak up. Enough with this beating around the bush with these government officials. If it were any average Joe, doing these things, they would have locked them all up months ago but because they are government officials to some capacity, they are granted the benefit of the doubt all the while giving the public the usual "dog and pony show" to give the illusion they (congress and government) are doing something.
"Carney has not disclosed what he will be pursuing next." Hopefully a prison sentence for all the "aiding and abetting" of the criminal activity in this administration.
So the Principal admits that the book has pornographic material within it as he said "he will not make a decision on pornographic material". With that in mind, this principals achnowledges it is pornographic material, is it not against the law to distribute pornographic material to children under the age of 18? Whats next? require them to have yearly subscriptions to "playboy" and "hustler" as their required reading material? In the "45 communist goals", this is one of those goals, break down the moral fabric of the Country.
Hagan has been riding Obama's coat tail all along with his agendas. Now she is going to act like "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit".
He might have at one time thought it was a good idea, until he was actually able to read it after it was voted on and everyone realized how bad it is. As if the introduced 2800 - 2900 page bill wasn't bad enough, they have now managed to increase it to over 20,000 page law now. that is how the Dems / Communist / libs roll. They introduce a bare bones bill with the intent to expand it as soon as it passes
How many republicans did they let into their backroom meetings over Obamacare?
The Democrats can take a hike. They have stonewalled this investigation for almost two years and they don't believe there is anything to investigate. So what can they come to the table with in terms of assisting this investigation and finding of facts. they want a inside guy in there so they can get a heads up on the next move of the committee so documents and hard drives can get deleted or otherwise mysteriously disappear what they might have missed. They have had nearly 2 years to cover and hide and make relevant information and records and materials disappear.
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Disobey The Mandate

internomad Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 10:08 AM
Social Security doesn't attack religious belief - Though I don't agree with Social security since it has been abused by the Government of its intended use, it doesn't go against any religious belief and demand to kill or otherwise take part in killing
Also noticed some commenting on the OK City bombing. You might be interested to read "MIAC Strategic Report" (Missouri Information Analysis Center) on How the portray "Modern Militia Movement" and basically anyone on the right who speaks out to fight to protect our Constitution. Here is the link to their report, some might find it interesting and informative
I noticed the sign has a Militia symbol at the bottom right corner. "MOLON LABE" - Greek phrase translated to - "Come and take them" or "Over my dead body", Phrase originated during the Spartan and Persian battle at Thermopylae.
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