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In 1963 Lyndon Johnson passed Medicare and promised the elderly total medical care. They sneaked in socialisation of medicine then. AMA was against it then but succumbed to Govt lollipop. Hospitals run by amateur MBA's who never take the hippocratic oath and know nothing about medicine turn the noble profession of healing into a money making machine with no clue about what is reasonable. Making a hole in the plate which feeds you is foolish. And that has what has happened to medicine. Hospital gets $800 for heart ultrasound but a doctors office gets $225 for the same test, done by the technician and read by the doctor. Why?? Its time again to start a physician owned hospitals with lower overheads and more 1 on 1 care
Lastly, There is a fine for "charity" in medicine by a doctor if a doctor bills less than customary or charge nothing for a visit to a needy patient. There is a fine for over coding and over billing too. A doctor is always stuck in fear of violating the rules. Doctors were philanthropists in the past..now the federal Govt and Obamacare will do the philanthropy by forcing higher taxes on citizens. Physicians will be puppets unless we wake up Dr Scherz, we are with you. We have to say it like it is because it is the truth
There has been no free market in American healthcare where competition is allowed. Case: A Cardiologist with 2 years experience and 150 stents gets $750 for the 151st stent from Medicare. A cardiologist with 20 years experience and 800 stents also gets $750 from Medicare. Why is it not $300 or $3000 to save that life? Who decided on the price? Its not your doctor but a lobbyist assisted bureaucrat and politician. Its time to fight for a physician operated and owned smaller but more efficient facilities in competition with large hospitals with big overheads. Then see what happens Good luck Dr Scherz
But how did it happen and why did it have to come down to this? Because some of our fellow colleagues at the AMA sold our respect for more money to the Govt bureaucrats. Its all about power. AMA aka ANTI MEDICAL ASSOCIATION We need movers and shakers to change the direction of health care delivery in our great America. Dr Scherz and Armstrong, keep it up and keep the public informed.
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The War Against Doctors

InternalMedicineDoc Wrote: May 16, 2012 9:40 PM
Wonderful article Dr Scherz. Below is the link to a speech by then AMA president in 1962 warning Govt intrusion in medicine. No one heeded the advice and look where we have come to. obamaCare is only going to make it worse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqVkOlhbsEM&feature=related#t=05m45s Every word by concerned doctor from then is coming true Keep up the good work Dr Scherz
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