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LOL! Mary and AmyDB pontificate rudeness. USMC Hypocrites.
Mormon values on display. "Aura not included" This is just the tip of the iceburg regarding your entire family here at Townhall. Contempt,scorn,and disdain. Sanctioned Vulgarity!
Darling, all the flour in the world won't find that G spot! Townhall trailer trash from Wyoming!
Gurl now that you mention dogs. I lost my meal once again today after viewing your family pictures. Darling Jenny Craig at this point would be useless. You are fat and ugly. That big ol fat arrse parked on that wood log pile! LOL!
Your compilation was nothing short of idiocy. I love sardonic humor. You Dear Sir, are a boar.
You are a very good reason why people hate lawyers. You are not even funny.
OMG! Another Townhall conspiracy theory!
Do you?
Innocent people have died. Your arrogance is astounding.
Tuttle you are a handicapped dysfunctional drunk. Did I mention welfare queen? Yes, keep collecting those SS checks. Small government for you, and big government for me.
Dude, the books were cooked. Medicare D and a war unpaid for. The housing bubble was brewing!
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