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If Ryan's plan is so great, why wait 10 years to start it? What are Romney and Ryan going to do in 2013? That's the real question.
Paul Ryan's Medicare plan is kind of screwy. It doesn't happen until 2022, so why are we talking about it now?
Let us invite Nancy Reagan to invoke the dead spirit of her former husband and President of the United States: Ronald Reagan. Deficits don't matter Abortion Immigration Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
The next two months? Is this your wish list?
Obamacare versus RINOcare Compare and contrast Our political discourse regarding healthcare deepens.
Something tells me you did not go to church on Sunday again.
Grow a pair. You are not the only one in God's green Universe. Actually darling,God considers you to be a pesky and rude child.
OMG! Whats for supper?
Dude, you are begging the question. You have your own answer.
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