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Gold To $1,800?

intel Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 3:23 PM
Stock market performance under Clinton and George W. Bush. --------------DJIA-----NASDAQ----S&P500 1/20/93----3242--------697---------433 1/20/01--10,588-----2,770-------1,343 1/20/09----7,949-----1,441---------805 Performance under William Jefferson Clinton. DJIA, +227%. NASDAQ, +297%. S&P500, +210%. Now, the Destruction of Wealth under George Bush and the Republican party. DJIA, -25%. NASDAQ, -48%. S&P500, -40%. George W. Bush did have a Reign of Error.

I know after the steady losses on Friday that it seemed like a down week, but gold actually closed higher. 

Gold closed Friday down $11.19 to $1,781.16 and silver was off $0.49 to $34.49, for a silver/gold ratio creeping up to 51.6. 

Gold tanked on Friday on speculation that blowout employment numbers on the U.S. jobs front are going to push the dollar higher against the euro, a development that seems quite plausible.

The complicating factor is that gold prices typically go up during times of economic recovery because people have more money and people with more money...