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Rachel: It was not forward thinking. Revealing himself to Magdalene was the only practical way for Jesus to deal with the mass media limitations of the ancient world. In the days before telegraph, telephone and television, tell-a-women was the best way to rapidly disseminate information.
It never fails. A fifth (rate) columnists pens an article designed to divide the electorate, and smooth the way for the forces of tyranny, and the willfully ignorant masses are all to happy to jump aboard and further the destruction of the very thing the columnist pretends to be defending.
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Omission Control

InsightingTruth Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 10:28 AM
To a thoughtful conservative your list should read: Palin = irrelevant Bush = nearly as bad as BHO Reagan = dead and not coming back Tea Party = struggling to present a cohesive message
As one who is only interested in the preservation of the American experiment, the snipping of the rationalists is as distasteful and unproductive as the arrogant paranoia of the religionists. What religionists perceive as the "war on Christianity" is actually, merely the politics of division. Just as the left divides the races to achieve their welfare/state aims, the right divides the various patriot factions to achieve it's tyrannical aims. The cause of all Americans should be the straight forward cause of Liberty for All. Those conscientious of the cause of liberty would do better by avoiding inconsiderate and insulting statements. Snipping at each other, only furthers the cause of our mutual enemies.
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Popular Nonsense

InsightingTruth Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 1:22 PM
More popular nonsense: A little trimming, a little buffing, some personnel swaps at the federal level will change the direction of the country. The above notion is utter nonsense. To effect meaningful change the underlying support for the dysfunctional system must be dismantled.
Don't forget, postal vehicles are exempt from paying licensing fees to the States.
Darby: Perhaps, I misunderstood this statement you made below: "wart...yeah,right! The private company would be hiring illegals to keep all of the money on top.....defrauding the laborer of a just wage." In my defense, I think others understood it the way I did.
No, Darby, I have no bone to pick. I just respond the things you type. Most of the time I just ask questions. Below, you will see a post that accepts the view you presented in that particular post, suggests we work together for a better America. Is that not what you want?
Darby: Great, now we are both on the freedom page. Let's work together to end the minimum wage. While we're at it, we can eliminate the un-Constitutionally required aspects of what the PO does. One way to do that without relying on unmotivated legislators is to introduce competition in 1st class mail delivery.
Darby: So it was the unions that forced Congress to outlaw competition in the 1950s? Congressmen, I guess, bear no responsibility?
Darby: So my willingness to work for what another is willing to pay, is not to be considered at all in your equation?
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