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Trog, you are amazing! Why must you impute vile motivation to those with opinions adverse to yours?
Thank you for your concern, Fuzzy. I'm not sure that I have ever influenced anyone. I do think about things. Many things. I can allow for errors. I learned from the Bible it is better to be a declared skeptic, than a faux believer. It is possible that I misunderstood the lesson. I do not reject any source of knowledge. I have yet to find convincing evidence of the existence of magic sky pixies, but I shall keep looking.
Morality is not a religious invention. It is not a Christian invention any more than it is a Hindu invention, a Buddhist invention, or a Wiccan invention. Morality is a natural response to a hostile environment. Organized hostility begets, organized defense. All organization is based on moral commitment.
Ken: Are you able to allow the possibility, however remote, that John may be right?
Bigotry and intolerance are infectious. Since you cannot force treatment on others, the process of eradication begins at home.
Of course I saw the sarcasm, but humor is as vulnerable to logical error as any other style of expression.
Fuzzy: You may have to wait a very long time.
Right on, Herald.
Very well said, Herald.
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