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Hey, Man-Hating, Nerve-Grating Feminists: Good Fathers Are Irreplaceable

InsideStraight Wrote: Jun 17, 2012 7:37 AM
Oh Allison, where have you been? I miss your inane ranting when I enjoy morning coffee. While we certainly all agree that children benefit from having a father present in their lives, methinks thou goest too far when you say "especially two gay men." Children learn, in part, from watching their parents interact. And you think that watching two rump wrangles would be an especially good influence. You are a sick, twisted woman.

I have two twentysomething daughters who’re currently taking over the planet. When these female charges popped out of their mommy’s womb, this thing called “responsibility for their upbringing” hit me like a Jackie Chan punch.

I didn’t slough off my role in their lives onto my wife, my church, public school, day care, relatives, TV, or “the village.” I didn’t expect any of the aforementioned to fill my boots chiefly because … they can’t.

Living in Miami, I knew I would have to pony up and become a major player in my little ones’ lives if I wanted them to...

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