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'An Inconvenient Truth' Part II?

InsideOut Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 4:56 PM
Global warming and global cooling have happened throughout the history of the planet...no doubt about it. It's the "man made" global warming theory which is questioned.
I'm sure their numbers are wrong. I know at least 40 million have signed up. Everyone would didn't have health insurance prior to this law and wanted it so desperately has to have signed up by now as well as those who's policies were cancelled.... 7 million, why short yourself like that Obama? Your law is the greatest thing ever.... Implement it fully right now! It was perfect as passed and upheld by the Supreme Court. Waive the waivers, stop the delays.... let's go with it. America will love you for it and the Democrats will sweep both houses of congress again.....
No need to overturn the entire applecart just to add a few apples to it. All the positive aspects of the ACA could have been done in small bills with specific objectives such as ensuring those with previous conditions could get insurance. The entire healthcare system has been thrown into complete chaos to provide insurance for a few. Well, it may turn out in years to come almost everyone will have health insurance but the quality of the medical service you will receive for the cost you will pay will be severely lacking. Great job Democrats.
Harry didn't say "A" word about the stories being lies... he said "multiple" words about the stories being lies
ever again is a stretch... just wishful thinking ;-)
The Dems will need to control both houses of congress to make that happen as well....after seeing what the ACA has caused, I don't think the Dems will ever control both houses again.... at least I hope not anyway.
the other 90%of Obama voters are stuck on stupid.....
More like 5 to 7 million are without insurance due to cancelled policies.
A real Christmas treat would be not hearing a peep from Michelle Obama for the next three years.
The members of congress who voted for it are also not familiar with Obamacare either so why expect anyone else to be.....especially since what was voted for is not what is being implemented seeing as how the President can change it whenever he wants without going through the same congress who passed it without reading it before signing it to find out what was in it......
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