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I retired from active duty just prior to Obama being sworn in. Thankfully I never had to salute this traitor as my Commander-In-Chief. Only salute he will ever get from me is the one finger kind.
Blame American videos for Benghazi and punish the film maker instead of those who attacked the Embassy, expect to get the bs we are getting from NK. Blame the police when a thug like Brown gets killed, expect to see more of what happened to these police officers. There are consequences for your appeasement Barack.
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Five Questions for President Obama

InsideOut Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 1:12 PM
Barry... do you think there will ever come a time when you remove the chip from your shoulder and truly appreciate and value American excellence?
actually, I believe Rolling Stone is quite pleased with the amount of advertising the original story got and hopes the rewrite will get just as much.
also, using the word "unbelievable" as your headline makes no sense as it is perfectly believable that a magazine like Rolling Stone would do and condone this.
my only question is who gets their news from Rolling Stone in the first place and who cares what they write about. I hold them in much the same esteem and lend as much credibility to them as I do MSNBC... which is to say none.
well, as we know, most of those you listed will not threaten to kill thousands in response so yeah, they are fair game. ;)
See what happens when our leaders go out and blame attacks against our embassies on movies or videos made in America as they did with Benghazi and the attackers suffer no consequences. Every nut job out there now feels comfortable using any movies they wish as fodder to make America look foolish and weak.
There is the serious side to this. IMO the threat from NK is not a credible one except to say it may be enough to entice another nut job here to shoot up another theater full of people again. Look how many mentally challenged so called Americans are responding to the ISIS call to conduct Jihad here.
If you would have said the NSA I would give your theory more credibility. Not much more but a little.
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