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how many votes were incorrectly tabulated before the error was identified is the question and how many more of those machines were (are) doing the same thing that have not been identified yet
funny though, the local news here in Maryland did not mention all the people walking out and only chose to interview those who say they are still supporting Obama.
Scott should have come out on time, looked at the fan and then said Charlie, I see you have a fan. Good thing. May help a little when your pants catch on fire. Then asked the moderators for the first topic to debate. That would have probably helped him earn a few more votes.
What you seem to not understand is that Scott's decision to make a big deal over the rule infraction and cause an embarrassing delay to the debate only served to get him votes from people who were already going to vote for him anyway. The point is to attract more votes and no matter whether he was correct or not in pointing out Crist's rule breaking, the way he did it only served to embarrass himself in the eyes of most normal people who see he made a big deal about his opponent using a fan. Needless to say, he probably did not attract any more new voters by doing so. You are so blinded by your principles, you cannot admit that one of our candidates made a mistake in how he handled it.
No one is making excuses for what Crist did. Scott's response to it was stupid and did not help his cause. You cannot see a forest for all the trees.
and you are a narrow minded idiot if you think Scott acted in anyway that is seen as smart.
Here's an idea for you .... get off your high horse and grow up.
Unfortunately you are right. My parents and siblings all live in Florida and they are very aware of what Crist has done. My parents and siblings in the panhandle area will most assuredly vote for Scott but my sister in South Florida unfortunately is very liberal and will no doubt support Crist.
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