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See what happens when our leaders go out and blame attacks against our embassies on movies or videos made in America as they did with Benghazi and the attackers suffer no consequences. Every nut job out there now feels comfortable using any movies they wish as fodder to make America look foolish and weak.
There is the serious side to this. IMO the threat from NK is not a credible one except to say it may be enough to entice another nut job here to shoot up another theater full of people again. Look how many mentally challenged so called Americans are responding to the ISIS call to conduct Jihad here.
If you would have said the NSA I would give your theory more credibility. Not much more but a little.
Really.... you think the CIA is doing this on behalf of the president who's political party just released a hatchet job report on them for doing what needed to be done to protect this country?
sorry, I just can't help but laugh at Hollywood on this one. All of this over a movie I would never pay to watch in the first place.
just hope the other nations around the world are smart enough to understand that when Obama is speaking, he is not speaking for me.
another politician who's only real concern is that another Dictator can blame all the problems his country has on the United States for bs political reasons.
look Carlos... a unicorn
appeasement expects nothing in return but I am sure the rich donors to Obama and the progressives will benefit from this.
so the question then becomes why now and why in this manner?
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