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Obama's ATF Nominee to Face Tough Questions on Capitol Hill

insideman Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 4:04 PM
The US is headed in the same direction as the state of Georgia. Blacks have taken over the local governments and are now paying out millions because of lawsuits filed by white workers. Obama seems to think that if he surrounds himself with like colored people he will send out a message to all blacks that he is helping his race. He isn't helping anyone except himself to more power by selecting "yes-men".

Tuesday on Capitol Hill, acting ATF director and President Obama's nominee for permanent ATF director Todd Jones, will face tough questions from lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As a reminder, Jones is notorious for whistleblower intimidation and has quietly embraced the "shut up or be punished" culture inside ATF when it comes to agents exposing corruption and scandals like Operation Fast and Furious. Jones' style came under direct fire last year when he warned agents against "jumping their chain of command" when dealing with problems inside the bureau. 

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