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Maybe we can sell Detroit and Chicago to the Chinese for 100 trillion dollars.
The US is headed in the same direction as the state of Georgia. Blacks have taken over the local governments and are now paying out millions because of lawsuits filed by white workers. Obama seems to think that if he surrounds himself with like colored people he will send out a message to all blacks that he is helping his race. He isn't helping anyone except himself to more power by selecting "yes-men".
At this point what does it matter! The IRS spending 50 thousand or 50 million!!! Gotta love the big government party when they complain about someone spending their money.
The type of government that Obama campaigned about during his elections has spiraled out of control since he became president.
Good to see that building codes are being followed and a handrail was installed. Would hate for the USA to get sued by an illegal alien, I mean undocumented democrat, should they fall down the steps.
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