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There may not be any money. We pay with our souls if we do not act as good Christians, What is your relation with God worth. Priceless for me.
I disagree. We were one (1) nation under God and we must keep the faith the we will prevail. Let them experience enough pain and the will run to right the wrongs. Trust in God and remember that our country was founded and this nation was built under Gods name. We need them back we must, once again, be One (1) nation Under God...
there was also some brain-washing and other agendas going on.
Thank NJ Gover for that one
oh yeah and Bush had a whole lot of support from a Pelosi run congress.
It would/could have been a lot better without good old girl Nancy.
If we fight him he will fight back and once again blame the opposition for his failures. We need to swallow the pill, go on record that we do not agree and present our preferred play but that we will support the mandate from the people and let him try is his way. Fighting will only make him retrench and will delay the inevitable realization by causing even more resistance and prolonging the pain
Never give up your gun otherwise kiss freedom goodby.
You will be surprised when they eventually react to no jobs, no money, big daddy is in dc and no help.
unfortunately your view does not to be a positive force in the war for the hearts, minds and souls of our people. We need them to come to a clear understanding as to cause and effect through experiencing the pain that they and other have caused. We need to all work together as patriots for to occur. Please.
We will deal with by example. People should building their own nations anyway. Our responsibility is here and now.
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