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If there were little or no republicans to be counted among their sheep then they just may get the message. Change and become an Independent and make the perform.
resistance builds resistance and will prolong the pain and agony. We need to pull together in the war of ideas to change the mind-set of the people so we can return our country to a state of honoring God and the garden which he has provided us. Under his guidance, we must attend to our garden.
We can also thank Bonehead, speaker, for removing the teeth from the charges against Holder. He would have long been in JAIL by now.
Democrats are not democratic.
Republicans must become among the independents and leave the party
It's 'the people' who have allowed that.
All republicans should change our party affiliations and become independents. What a great message to send to the republican party.
Shortly there will be no longer any 'free' stuff'
There may not be any money. We pay with our souls if we do not act as good Christians, What is your relation with God worth. Priceless for me.
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