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Opposing Nanny Bloomberg Is Not Anti-Semitism, It's Common Sense

inkling_revival Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 11:43 AM
Boy, did you miss an opportunity! The correct slam is, "[they] wouldn't recognize an anti-Semite if Goebbels walked up to them and tried to circumcize them with a battle axe!"

On the network of hysterical opinion known as MSNBC, Morning Joe guest and contributor Mike Barnicle claimed that there was a "level of anti-Semitism" aimed at New York Nanny Michael Bloomberg and his $12 million campaign to push gun control. It's not anti-Semitism. And those who think it is, as my grandmother would say, are mind-numbingly ignorant schumucks.

Barnicle was part of a panel discussing Bloomberg's anti-gun rights ad campaign that included former Romney advisor Dan Senor, and MSNBC Race Baiter-In-Chief Al Sharpton. Senor stated that the mayor of a blue city should not be telling people in red states how...