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5 Reasons God Allows Tragedies Like the Sandy Hook Massacre To Occur

inkling_revival Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 10:58 AM
Mr. Hawkins, thank you for making the attempt to explain what so many people find so hard to understand. It takes real maturity to grasp that the universe, which seems so empty, vast, and unfriendly to us, is actually based entirely on love, joy, and mirth. To me, the entire problem of evil is addressed in the simple verse from St. Paul: "Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound." Romans 5:20 Whatever harm we produce by sin, God produces a greater grace to cover it. The figure illustrating this is provided by God, Himself, who allowed a righteous man to be tortured to death by evil men, and thereby produced the redemption of the entire creation. God is greater than we know.

As a Christian, it can be difficult to reconcile all the evil that happens in the world with an all knowing, all powerful loving God who could stop it if He wants, but chooses not to do so. If our hearts break for the innocent children who were senselessly murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary, how can a God who loves us not feel the same way? If any of us had known what Adam Lanza was going to do, we would have done anything in our power to stop him, so why didn't God? All too often we tend to quote...