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The pandering governor and his mathematically-challenged minions don't have a clue what it means to govern. So far, he has not fixed any of Louisiana's problems, only kicked the can down the road and made massive cuts to education and healthcare---in a state that is ranked 49th in the nation in both. History will have the final say on the worst governor in Louisiana history---and that takes some doing.
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Don't Blame Romney

Informed Voter Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 8:30 AM
I hope he fired 22 cold call employees for sports gambling companies that call me constantly despite being on the "do not call" list and me asking them countless times to stop calling. If so, that is change I can believe in. If not, his employees are better off working for someone who is not a lunatic ideologue who hires and fires depending on which way the wind blows. What a maroon!
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Obama's (Un)American Auto Bailout

Informed Voter Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 11:13 AM
Of course. Everything Obama does is un-American. At least that's what Republican strategists tell me. And I believe them, they don't need fact checkers to guide them--so it must be true. It's much easier to fool people when you are not constrained by details like facts and accuracy. Snark rules!
This is not about rape, it is about being a moron. It is estimated that 32,000 women become pregnant EACH YEAR because of rape. Mr. Alkin says some magical biological secretion in a woman's body prevents pregnancy in rape. A Congressman should be smarter than that, much less not be allowed to sit on the Science Committee. I may not like abortion, but just because Akin is anti-abortion doesn't mean he gets a free pass to be ignorant on everything else.
He may be against abortion, which I may agree. But he is an imbecile about science and biology. He is an embarassment to be a member of the congressional science committee. Just because he has one issue I may agree with doesn't mean I rubberstamp him as acceptable. The embracing of ignorance as a virtue is the wrong way for America's future.
"Biggest Scandal in US History"? C'mon, people, it is in the best interest of every American regardless of political party to end boneheaded programs that don't work. But to "TownHall" and other media outlets you are nothing but customers to buy products for their advertisers and worthless stocks we all get in spam emails from them. I trust fellow Americans that I would disagree with politically much more than people like Coulter whose only interest is that we buy her books and exaggerated headlines.
Nothing like this ever tried in this nation? There was a Civil War in 1860-1865 where states seceded from the United States and declared war on the federal government. And the idea of the military executing a coup to take power to test who would be loyal to the existing government is simply the banana republic method of seizing power by violence when idiot leaders fail to lead by peaceful methods. The United States cannot be made better by destroying it first.
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