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How about we quit pandering to the ones who fail and start paying attention to the ones who succeed? This is the problem with most ideologies that try to make everyone succeed, they ignore success. If a teacher has thirty students in her class and ten of them are paying attention and trying to work, kick the twenty out who don't care..put them in remedial classes or send them home. I don't care. Then get twenty more kids who want too learn and put them in the seats. Rinse and repeat. Pretty soon, you are going to have successful graduation classes numbering in the hundreds. Those kids will go on to STRENGTHEN their communities. Reward excellence! Don't try to pretend that mediocre IS excellent or that excuses matter.
a metaphor designed to imply Republicans are racist using racist language only a slave master threatens people with chains people who aren't slavers tell people in slavery to run like heck while we give them cover fire
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Mitt's Damn-the-Torpedoes Decision

InfDivIFnCom Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 4:55 PM
The healthcare plan Romney implemented in Mass has little resemblance too the Affordable Care Act in that so called Romney Care doesn't force any insurance company to provide anything, it doesn't force doctors to provide anything, it doesn't limit choices of anyone. The only thing it did was extend a tax payer supported minimal insurance plan for those who lacked any kind of health care coverage and it did that to eliminate the costs of hospitals eating the bill on people they are forced to treat. It has not been entirely successful as it did not hold individuals accountable for their insurance status. Obamminions like to SAY the two things are equal, but that is untrue. Try not too be shocked by the lack of honesty.
I'm not certain if you're asking a question or using rhetoric to give an answer but either way, I'll bite. The socialist/communist ideal of workers owning the plant is found in the phrase "from each according to his ability too each according too his need". The idea is clearly demonstrated in Rand's Atlas Shrugged when the characters visit a defunct factory and the author info dumps a story about how the factory came to be defunct. workers in a "paradise plant" are paid according to what they need, not according to the job they do. Thus, there is no incentive to work hard, only an incentive to need more. it has been tried before. It always fails.
wait....2.5 trillion and I can't find one? how is that possible?] I'm not THAT blonde oh wait...you're talking about the the part time jobs of which I need three too make a minimal life...right? so, he created 2.5 trillion crappy jobs, raised the hidden taxes in my life, caused inflation to rise so that a pot roast now costs me fifteen dollars not counting ten bucks in gas to drive too the store and back to pick it up (we'll blame that on the evil oil companies) and you want me too what...cheer? Pretend I didn't notice my life plummeting off the cliff? Act like I don't need to feed my kids actual food? Stand on my head and bad word deleted nickels? politics aside...you sound like an idiot spouting that bad word deleted
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