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Prepare for Demise of California; Liberals Will Get All the Government (and Tax Hikes) They Want

indyconantidim Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 8:47 PM
Well isn't it nice we have moronic libs well represented tonight. Even if its just one with one imbecilic post after another. I mean your first black president, BJ Clinton, led the culture of walking around with his pants around his knees and your second one is single handedly destroying the country's economy in the name of social justice and fairness. All the while continuing the divisive demonizing dishonesty as their only facts supported by their propagandizing media and their union, occupy and race-baiting thugs. I know you're so proud, snookems...moron.

On Tuesday voters in California went the wrong way on three propositions.

  1. Voters approved Proposition 30 "temporarily" increasing the state sales tax and income tax on individuals making over $250,000.
  2. They voted against Proposition 31 that would allow the governor to cut the budget in fiscal emergencies.
  3. They voted against Proposition 32 would...
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