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Only Obama is Better Off

indyconantidim Wrote: May 11, 2012 5:37 PM
No one is better off if the government is headed for bankruptcy. There is no other way to explain this. Government does not make money, it wastes money. Private sector avg salary $55,000. Government that Oblaba has grown by 30% is over $100,000 avg. Debt closing in on $20 TRILLION. Entitlement obligations 5 times that. This Marxist and his cronies are a disaster and could care less about the destruction.

The only person I know who is better off today than he was four years ago is President Obama.

He's making more money, living in a bigger house and playing more golf. And when his wife goes on a shopping spree with her girlfriends, it's to Spain on the taxpayer's dime.

If you asked President Obama if he's better off today, he'd say, "Hell, yeah! And we don't want it to stop!"

Meanwhile, as the president skates through the Great Recession, his failure to get the economy back on track has turned a country known for its optimism and belief in...