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The Palestinians need to stop harboring Hamas, they shouldn't be crying about their dead children when they turned a blind eye to the terrorists living next door to them. If muslims are truly a peaceful people then they should be turning on the terrorists, instead they ignore them and let them kill innocents.
The only way to vote out the liberals are moderate conservatives....
I am a conservative, always have been....I have never seen a reason to drill more, realistically it will not reduce prices, and if it does the decrease would be temporary due to OPEC. The ONLY reason we need to drill is to fight russia in a financial war. I still believe the best investment for this countries future is clean solar energy which is still 50 years away, until then we have to drill.
No way any of them could win the white house....main stream conservatives barely have a chance, anyone who is further on the right then someone like Christie will not have a chance in 2016.....
Yes. I was and I still want to be, but we really have no choice we have to expand our energy supply operations. The only way to stop a country like Russia is destroy the economy and their are a energy based economy who makes most of their money supply Europe with energy. We need to start fully supplying Europe with oil and natural gas, in a matter of months Russia will be back on its knees.
I really don't agree with you...the American Mafia has barely any real influence beyond a few businesses and old money. Loansharking and illegal gambling would probably be the only things they would still have a grasp on, and for the most part gambling is semi-legal (casinos are starting to pop up). I agree about burning them out, there are many ways to go after them, but they will only work when their main revenue stream is gone. I personally think that a lot of their legal operations will end up failing when the drugs are gone. Also I think most counties do want to put an end to them, there is a lot of money, but none of it goes to the government. I also agree that those other crimes will keep on happening, but they will be minimized. Even after regulation the drugs could be available at a decent price, not all drug users are hoodrats in poor areas, there are plenty of rich drug users who will opt to go through legal channels.
I have been the increase of oil production for years, but this is the one time I am actually for it. If we can increase drilling, production and supply and get that increase over to Europe then it will destroy any influence Russia holds over the world.
Pura, drugs are the only things that are illegal that can make that type of money. Maybe gambling, but even that seems to be going away.
Why can't we manufacture ourselves? And yes I mean legalize everything, if someone is dumb enough to do something that can ruin their life then who are you to tell them no....as long as they do not hurt others then I don't care what they do..... Also the logic of legalize everything, thats is not the same thing as legalizing drugs, drugs are something you do to yourself. The things you listed are things that directly hurt others....
Anominus, I agree with the fact that the govt. is over providing, especially to the people who would be most likely to take drugs. There could be a way to tax the drugs and make sure most of the revenue goes to the users when their teeth fall out..... As for the cartels, YES they do have some legitimate businesses, but you fail to mention most are probably some type of front for an illegal activity. My main point, is that their number 1 revenue source by far is drugs and everything else they do is to support the production and distribution of that one business......If we take away that revenue stream then we can at least hurt them in a way that some or most of the other businesses will collapse. We will also be able to free up a large amount of resources, those can be used to go whatever is leftover of the cartels
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