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Video: This is What Republican Enthusiasm Looks Like

Ind Observer Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 2:12 PM
I can deal with the temperature changes. It's the humidity that does me in. I'm spoiled by CA weather. Since all of my grandkids live in Texas, we visit a couple of times per year. Great state, friendly people, but I prefer CA weather. BTW, there are a lot of good people in CA also but we are outnumbered by the morons and moochers, and it's getting worse.

In Wednesday's deep dive into the polls, we spilled a fair amount of virtual ink analyzing the ultimate composition of the 2012 electorate.  A major component of this calculus is party unity and enthusiasm.  Since there's no shortage of Republican negativity at the moment, I figured I'd share a video I stumbled upon of a Romney event in suburban Denver from earlier this week.  The Denver Post reported that an estimated 7,000 supporters welcomed the GOP nominee for an outdoor evening rally at a local high school: