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Math: More Accountants Headed to Congress

Ind Observer Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 12:27 PM
Speaking of accountants, a woman went to her doctor and was told she only had 6 months to live. She insisted there must be something that could be done and told her doctor she would be willing to try anything. He said " I recommend that you move to Cleveland and marry an accountant." "Will that help?" she asked. "Not really, but it will be the longest 6 months you've ever lived".

Although last week's election seemed like the end of common sense when it comes to fiscal policy, there is a silver lining. More certified public accountants are headed to Congress and the ones who were already there, are staying.

All eight CPAs currently in the House won re-election, according to the Journal of Accountancy, including John Campbell, R-Calif., Mike Conaway, R-Texas, Bill Flores, R-Texas, Lynn Jenkins, R-Kan., Steven Palazzo, R-Miss., Collin Peterson, D-Minn., James Renacci, R-Ohio, and Brad Sherman, D-Calif. Several of them won re-election after fierce contests in recently redrawn congressional districts.


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