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Documents: Lois Lerner Was Directly Involved in Targeting Program

Ind Observer Wrote: May 25, 2013 1:53 PM
Mone along folks. Nothing to see here. This is just the work of 2 low level employess: one a disabled black woman and the other a native american gay male. We can't criticize their actions or hold them accountalble or else we are mean racist homophobes.

Not to fear, America -- she's been placed on "administrative leave," a terribly severe form of discipline that's effectively tantamount to paid vacation.  At this week's House Oversight Committee hearing, Lerner (sort of) invoked her fifth amendment rights and refused to answer any questions.  She claimed she's done "nothing wrong," which explains why she's reportedly refusing to resign.  Question, though: Might Lerner be a relatively innocent patsy in all of this (a la the Benghazi scapegoat)?  Er, probably not, via National Review:

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