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Californians think? ... when going to the polls? Now, that's funny.
As a CA resident, I was not shocked by Obamacare premium increases. I have a brain and knew they were coming. In my case, my plan was cancelled and the closest plan now offered would have been a premium increase of just over 70%. We chose another plan that is only a 14% increase with much higher deductibles and copays. I just had surgery and under my old plan, my cost would have been $70. Under my new plan, my out of pocket cost was 1,280.
No health information required? Let's see, the application asks about pregnancy, if you have any disabilities, whether you need help with any daily activities, etc. Apparently, pregnancy etc. is not a health issue for dems. Since they don't know what the meaning of the word "is" is, how can we expect them to understand bigger words.
Rache, I know you have no use for facts but there are people with brains on this site who are interested in facts. You are correct that congress and their staff are not "exempt" from obamacare. However, they do get special treatment under obamacare. The ACA provides that they will sign up for the exchanges like many other americans. The difference is that an ordinary taxpayer is responsible for paying his own premium for insurance through the exchanges. A congressional staffer gets roughly 75% of her premium for a policy purchased on the exchange paid for by taxpayers. So, Joe Taxpayer who is uninsured gets to sign up on an exchange and pay 100% of his own premium, plus 75% of the premium for congress and their staff. Is this a great country or what?
My prediction: late this evening, in a closed door meeting, the Repubs will cave to all of the dems demands and avert a shutdown because they are afraid the press would say bad things about them. The press will continue saying bad things about them. The government will continue printing and spending money until the entire world realizes just how useless the american dollar is and we will see a major economic collapse. And of course, it is all because of BUSH. There, have I missed anything?
If the Lib heroes can't figure out the definition of a word like "is", how can they be expected to figure out the meaning of "start" which is more than twice as long. They would need a functioning brain for that. That's a bit much to expect from a liberal, don't you think?
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