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The World (America) Is Upside-Down, Part 2

Individualrights1st Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 10:53 AM
What kind of naive bubble do you people live in? I'll start with the most obvious.1.The continuing and increasing theft of one person's money/property for the benefit of another IE: slavery of those with abilities to those in need. 2.Zoning pretty much dictates every little thing you are allowed to do with your property. 3.The hiring and firing of any employee I want for any reason I want. 4.To pay an employee any agreed on wage. 5.The right of me and my children not to have their education controlled by government. 6.PRIVACY 7.The right to carry on business without permits, licenses, zoning, ADA compliance, and on and on... I can continue on for quite awhile but you'll never get it as you fear freedom more than big government.
Recently, I wrote a column arguing that the world is upside-down -- by which I meant "our" world, America. Today I offer more exhibits in support of my case that our culture is unraveling.

I realize that in today's America, the notion that we should seek to preserve and promote the traditions, values and ideals that this country's founding generation mostly shared is considered not just passé but offensively wrongheaded. Yes, why would we want to perpetuate a once underlying consensus (and the Constitution formulated on it) that gave rise to the greatest nation in world history? Well, many don't, as they...