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Yup!!!! A bunch of whiny crybabies that do not want to think for themselves because It give them a migrane headache to think.
You nailed it square on the head with this comment.
Also known as Permenant Total Stupidity Disorder (Or Disease)
Durbin is a Liberal/Communist/Marxist/Socialist Democrat. NOT A REPUBLICAN
Try unemployment during Peanut Farmers 4 years in office in 1970's. Just as bad if not worse.
Ooops!!! Make that rgama. My apologies to Will.
Actually it's the bus to the loony bin. Will whatever his screen name is is on his way there for a lobotomy appointment, a straight jacket and a padded cell.
No!!! Thank Comrade Obamao, the Democrats/Communists/ Marxist/Socialists.
And we've all known that since the1990's.
To put point blank bluntly our Self Procaimed Holier Than Thou, Narcissistic, Habitual Lying, Hypocritical Federal Government is giving We The People THE SHAFT. Have we all awoken from our long long hibernation, decided we've had ENOUGH OF THIS GARBAGE and are ready to do something about these Elitist Morons
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