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The events in the last paragraph of your posted comment will never happen with ObaMAO in office.
Also the month and date of Hitlers birth April 20th. Not sure if the anniversary of his suicide death is also in April or another month of the year.
In a big malodorous steaming pile of some word that can't be used here.
Won't be the first time that I or any White/Conservative/Tea Party person has been called a racist.
Is there such a person as a "White Saudi National"? /sarc
Many puddles have already been deposited on the floor and there's more to come.
Obamao didn't say much in news conference so we sit back and wait and see how bad he and the rest of our government take this tragic event and mess it up considering they hate letting crisises go to waste.
This is to be expected from from Communist trailer trash news organizations like The Communist News Network.
"Pampered Greenies" might be a little to kind. Self Proclaimed Holier Than Thou, Narcissistic, Habitual Lying, Communist (Environ) MENTAL basket cases, abolutely all of these.
Yup!!!! A bunch of whiny crybabies that do not want to think for themselves because It give them a migrane headache to think.
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