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@ crude, You spoke the truth and Marc_H is denying it.
Hey Hockey Mom~ Give me some more materials. I am writing a book about Mormon Cult. You gave me Mormons believe Jesus is White man. It was good material. I screen-captured it. So please~ give me some more material~~ Thanks~ Who know? You will see yourself in my book soon?
I am a proud Independent. I see good and bad things from both Republican Party and Democratic Party. In fact, I don't trust all politicians. People here are so cute to attack me, just because I talked about willard mitt romney. l o l See you later guys~ Gotta jet~
Maybe, mitt learned the lesson he shouldn't hate 47% including so many average Repubs, Seniors, Veterans.
Isn't it funny it took only a day for conservatives to trash willard mitt romney they were supporting for after the election? Did you feel betrayed by conservatives? Mitt really dissed so many Americans so much. Mitt has a foot in his mouth disease.
You are brave enough to talk about Mormons and polygamy. I give you that. These days, Mormon publications are very careful not talking about it at all with other weird stuff Joseph Smith forced other people to believe. Old version of Journal of Discourses contains a lot more weird stuff a while ago and Mormons have been revising it and delete anything that trouble the USofA. What did you think of willard mitt romney?
Republicans: "I am not a racist, but..." lol
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