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Apparently the filter doesn't like Charlie Romeo Alpha Poppa as a word.
Again with the immigration garbage - give them a choice - GO HOME AND TRY IT LEGALLY!
Tried and true - no matter the conversation - Linda C thinks we ought to give the country to her treasured minions.
Defund the white house. Make obama and witch pay with it with their own dollars. Also defund any travel using aircraft by the white house and staff.
I don't know what he smoked or what kool-ade he drank, but he's definitely way out there in LEFT field. Public safety be damned, it's all about her. If his family had gotten stricken with polio because quarantine was just too much, he might be singing a different tune.
Ditto here. Calling Hillbilly Clinton a moderate is like calling Ted Williams a better than average hitter.
Remember, Norm Coleman "won" the vote by approx. 3000. Franken(stein) won the recount(s) by "finding" 3300 votes.
Let's see Norm was ahead by about 3000 votes. Then all of those votes "found" by frankenstein and company led to him losing by 297 votes. Fraud? You betcha!
Another closet DNC shill pretending so it can write "conservative" opinion pieces.
No, she'll go into treatment. Quarantine is being watched during the disease incubation period.
What I don't get is how you can declare yourself healthy DESPITE NOT HAVING COMPLETED the incubation period for the deadly disease to which you have been exposed. ???
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