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Every doctor involved should be stripped of the privilege of EVER practicing medicine again. The intern should be placed in the same conditions as the girl for at least 3 years.
Would they be trying to do this if they were still appointed by their respective states? As originally conceptualized by our founders? Who WOULD NOT believe we made it an elective post. Had the current rule been in place - Lincoln would have been a Senator for at least one term.
I have to know. Were you able to write the above with a straight face? I couldn't have.
No, a maximum of 8 years (cumulative) meaning if you've been in the house or senate - you can't run for pres (or become VP).
And if it's one of those votes where you don't know who voted - start ripping all incumbents out of the mess. Too many of them are getting fat on our sweat.
Just in case you missed was political commentary.
But they'd probably have been sued if they hadn't "catered" to the minority.
And soccer is a sport that ANYBODY can play regardless of their physical abilities. The physical skills needed for the other sports mentioned (primarily football, baseball, basketball and (ice) hockey) aren't needed in soccer.
Soccer is so boring if they played without a ball, none of the fans would notice. They'd be too busy fighting. And, by the way, what's with all of the socialist wannabees writing "pro" soccer columns this week. I'm starting to wretch every time I see the word soccer.
If you say "Intentionally wrong as usual", it'd be more correct.
Enforcing? Was that an intentional non-sequitur? Because she was VIOLATING the laws she was (ostensibly) supposed to be ENFORCING. Get it straight.
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