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He's forgetting the part about reducing the staff of every member of the house and senate to one (that's the numeral 1) administrative assistant (secretary to those of us old enough to remember their real job) and one legal assistant. And that the sponsors of the bill must be able to defend the bill WITHOUT NOTES OR ASSISTANTS.
Not really, you're forgetting that the bimbo dumbama was elected and re-elected despite the (now known to be true) warnings from the people paying attention that he was a socialist with no love for this country and that he intended to turn us into a third, fourth or fifth world country as fast as possible. Only 30%(ish) that stupid? They are either on board with it, stupid, or lazy (which to me is the same as stupid, but hey - who am I to judge).
Defund the EPA.
Court-martial the so-called officer who violated the law and helped perpetrate this outrage.
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The New D.C. GOP Agenda

Independent in Texas Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 8:41 AM
Why not start the discussion with ENFORCEMENT!
This "Further, with all do respect to Miller's colleague who tells her to "move to Virginia,"" has a slight problem. replace do with due and it makes sense. Other than that, you hit the nail right on the head. Nothing has changed in the prison of DC.
Ebola carries a 50% to 70% mortality rate. Typical outbreaks have been a few hundred to approx. one thousand cases. The current outbreak is at over 3000. What's changed. No one knows, but the CDC and slowbama both say we're "safe".
I started calling it the Washington (Com)Post for a reason.
Apparently the filter doesn't like Charlie Romeo Alpha Poppa as a word.
Again with the immigration garbage - give them a choice - GO HOME AND TRY IT LEGALLY!
Tried and true - no matter the conversation - Linda C thinks we ought to give the country to her treasured minions.
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