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Things are definitely better especially for large businesses. The large corporations discovered long ago that simply shrinking the amount of product the offer is much more profitable than raising prices. Remember when you could buy a 1/2 gallon (two quarts) of ice cream? Then they shrank the container to 1.75 quarts. You get less for the same price. And this is happening with everything. The container LOOKS the same but it holds 10 to 20% less. Pretty slick. The 24 can container of soft drinks now only holds 18 or 20 cans. Pretty slick. And of course our government tells us there is NO inflation. Most people I point this out to don't have a clue what I am talking about. So be happy. No one is getting out of here alive anyway.
The only thing The Emperor Obama is shrinking is his "approval" numbers. The Emperor Obama looks confused, hesitant and weak. Putin and ISIS have taken the measure of The Emperor and found him lacking in every way. Pretty much what some of us knew six years ago.
He was probably planning to join the US Secret Service and get on the presidential protection detail but he didn't have time because he was too busy churning out nine kids. The guy was a baby making machine. So I guess we get to support all his little jihadis and jihadettes until they are 26?
The Emperor Obama is sly and cunning. By telling ISIS He has no strategy He will lure them into a false sense of security. By appearing confused, weak and hesitant He will make ISIS feel they have the upper hand. Then at a time of The Emperor Obama's choosing, He will unleash His terrible righteous power and furious anger. Washington, DC may be a smoking crater by then but The Emperor Obama will be safe in his hole in the ground, waiting for the radiation levels to drop. Only then will He emerge and if he sees His shadow we will have six more weeks of winter. Seriously, what percentage of Americans now believe WoeBama doesn't have a clue about how to govern or manage anything? Commander-in-Chief? LOL!
It is difficult to read a PDB on a golf course or at a fundraiser. It is even more difficult to understand a PDB if you have the intelligence of a box of rocks.
Karpe, Because Obama is our first (half) black POTUS he is untouchable and invulnerable. He will fall because of his own inadequacies. How many will die in the process is unknown. Obama and Washington, DC are the ultimate prize for ISIS.
Geraldo Rivera, still stuck in the 70s. He hasn't been right since he got hit in the head with the chair. Is it true that he no longer smokes marijuana?
Facebook? We don't need no stinkin' Facebook.
Anyone who gives Eric Holder the finger is OK with me. Let's hear it for the Swiss! And the Swiss make such good cheese and chocolates and watches.
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Laughing about Corporate Inversions

IndeePendent Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 9:53 AM
Does anyone really believe that our elected representatives give a fig about how we feel about the tax codes? Our elected representative don't care about what we think or want or what is "fair". Our elected representatives are only interested in accumulating as much wealth as possible for themselves while in office. That's why they ignore us and treat us with such contempt. If you don't believe this write your congressman and senators and ask for their position on ONE issue. IF you get a reply, it will NOT address your question directly but they will tell you what a great job they are doing as your elected representative. They are ALL part of the same hypocrisy.
Damn! I wish I had known about this before I let my wife drag me to the movies to see "Lucy", Scarlett's latest movie. BTW, I'd give "Lucy" a half a star. I know it was science fiction but the plot was lame, the "acting" was worse and special effects were not special at all. And Scarlett didn't take her clothes of at all. Bummer. Stay away from Lucy.
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